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Sarah Arikian: Press

"Arikian is equally as impressive. She is superb as the spunky wife who takes control of every situation. Her rich voice is impressive as well, as in "One Man," and the chemistry between these two characters is very evident."

"When Arikian hits the high note in "Love Never Goes Away," as my friend commented, "It was worth waiting for."
"Sarah (Arikian) is innocence, sexiness and just enough mischief wrapped into a delicate Victorian frame that is perfection when playing against Mack, the Peachums or Mack’s Gang. Her acting is impressive enough, but when she sings, she can make any song interesting."
"The Jealousy Duet between Lucy (Patricia Santomasso) and Polly (Sarah Arikian), for instance, is clearly one of the highlights of the show and alone worth the price of admission and the hassle of finding parking in the Heights."
"...great stage presence, impressive acting ability and a chemistry that spills over to the rest of the cast and audience." (The ThreePenny Opera)
"...Sarah Arikian infused her sustained notes with passion and silently conveyed considerable emotion...". (L'Enfant et les Sortilleges)
JOSHUA ROSENBLUM - Opera News Online